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What are we doing?

The Bedford and Blair facility has provided several "extras" for the students so far this school year.


What’s going on in our Blair Site:

I am excited to announce that our Blair County Secondary Classroom was able to attend the Farm Show in Hollidaysburg.  In addition to attending, several of our students created displays for the Farm Show with one student earning a second place ribbon and another student taking home a first place ribbon.  Students and staff were able to take their time and explore the many exhibits and displays the Farm Show provides. 














I wanted to let you know that our elementary class was able to experience the circus this year.  This was actually the first time for some of our younger students. I was able to see how the students did with their peer interactions outside of the school setting. ALL of our students were well mannered and behaved, there were no issues. The parents I spoke with were so happy their child was able to go because they were not able to afford to go. I had a 1st grader that set beside me and did not take his eyes off the performances. He also said he liked everything.



What’s going on in our Bedford Site:


      During Fire Prevention week, we made arrangements for the Bedford County Fire Company to be guests in our building for half of a school day. All students were able to tour a firetruck, ambulance, learn about & see all necessary tools that are used by firefighters/EMT's, and see a live demonstration of putting on fire gear. Smoke detectors equipped with batteries were provided by EFP to any student who stated that they did not have a smoke detector in their residence. 

      Staff does monthly art projects with the students where they make crafts to decorate the facility windows for each month. The students made leaf decorations in September, ghost decorations in October, and turkey decorations for November.

      Staff takes students to pick up litter once every 2 weeks around the neighborhood Students walk the block and pick up litter in an effort to keep our  neighborhood & environment clean.

      Staff promoted Breast Cancer Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, and Bully/Drug Prevention (Red Ribbon Week) by staff & students wearing specified colors on specified days (pink for breast cancer, purple for domestic violence, red for red ribbon week). Also cut out designated ribbons for these events & taped them to students desks. 

      Staff made a day of remembrance for 9/11 by talking about the terrorist attacks on our country & watching videos associated with the day. Watched videos on how the country recovered & has moved forward (Ground Zero).

      Staff provided a report card incentive for the 1st marking period. Students with all "A's" earned pizza & soda. Students on the honor roll earned soda. 

      Staff provided a Halloween incentive for the elem. students with the opportunity to earn Halloween activities throughout the school day. 

      Staff coordinates Show & Tell for students that takes place every Friday. Show & Tell is a HUGE hit with the kids!!!

      Staff utilizes "Be a Buddy" where high school students help out elementary students by giving pep talks, helping with an academic assignment, or getting to "hang out" with a high school student as a positive reward. 

      Staff took a student on a visit to their public school. The student has not been in public school for 3 school years & was feeling extreme anxiety over a possible transition. Staff took student on field trip to go visit their school, talk with principal & teachers, and walk the halls of school.

      Staff utilizes the public library to get books requested by students that they can read during the school day when they have free time.

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