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Day Treatment


It is Extended Family Programs position to provide a non-residential, community-based alternative for children, adolescents and teens that have difficulty functioning in a traditional school setting. We serve children with a range of social, emotional and behavioral issues that may include but are not limited to: lack of motivation, weapons, truancy, violence, bullying, lack of respect for adults, poor social skills, lack of anger management, coping skills and peer interaction, etc.


Teachers provide education as intended through Pennsylvania Department of Educational Standards for each grade level. Children's academic and attendance achievements are given to home school districts for disposition such as; promotion, credits, graduation, fines, etc. EFP has similar hours as a traditional school 8:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Friday. While attending, children have an opportunity for breakfast, lunch, specials, individual and/or group counseling. We encourage caseworkers, counselors, probation, and others to visit and assist in developing accountability competency areas.



What is a Behavioral Intervention Staff?
A Behavioral Intervention Staff (BIS) is an effective enhancement to the overall educational program at the public school by reinforcing classroom instruction. The Behavioral Intervention Staff assist a teacher with academic or behavior support. They can work with or be assigned to 1-3 students.




EFP is licensed and/or approved through the Pennsylvania Department of Education and Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. EFP works closely with Intermediate Units, public schools, community organizations, and CASSP to achieve success whenever possible.



  • To improve academic knowledge

  • Provide a solid basis for life skills instruction

  • Provide a safe environment for learning

  • Provide necessary discipline and control mechanisms to function productively

  • Provide staff that are non-judgmental and focused in assisting "at risk" children

  • Help in reducing truancy and dropout rates

  • Assist schools in reducing violence

  • Assist children in accountability

  • Provide or connect students to any additional support required 



Referrals are made through home school district with parent's agreement. Parents are encouraged to participate in all aspects of programing. Weekly contact  is made to parents, families, and other involved agencies. A monthly review is completed to review needed goals to assist child's success.

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